Adapt or Die - The new 2020

So where to now? Australia is in the midst of a pandemic that is crippling our businesses. It's like being at war but we can't see our enemy. We only see the devastation it is leaving behind. So what do we do? Are we to sit around and wait it out or do we embrace the time forced upon us and keep pushing forward? Do we adapt or die?

The business landscape prior to COVID-19 will not resume to the way it was any time soon. We are seeing change that is unprecedented. The rate at which change is occurring is beyond anything imaginable. The fear is crippling and the future is far from certain but is it all doom and gloom? Is there light at the end of the tunnel. Is there a brighter future we can pin our hopes on?

The answer is yes. There is hope but there is also the opportunity to plan. Over the years I have spoken with many business people who say to me "I hope we can do well in this current climate". I respond with "well let's not hope, let's plan to be successful. Let's work together and create opportunities for each other". It's a change of mindset, a way to look at the same challenge in a new way, pushing aside negative thought and promoting positive action. Fear is a powerful emotion brought on by the threat of pain, danger or harm. In business we are afraid to change because it is painful to do so. It is easier to do what we always do because it's our comfort zone. Now that has all changed. COVID-19 changed all that. We don't have an option now but to adapt to the change.

So what now? How do we survive this? How do we look back in a years time and know we did the right thing? All we can do is take it one day at a time. Ask for help when you need it. Talk about how you feel and know that it is okay to be afraid. There are numerous support services and there is always someone ready to listen.

So what are we doing at Bill Lowe Events?

Like many small business we are in the early stages of creating a new business plan. We need to decide what we offer, how we provide it and how we market it to clients. We will build upon our expertise and adapt it to suit the entertainment and events industry as it moves forward post COVID-19. There are many unknowns as our industry has been decimated but there is always hope and there is always a future. How we carve out that future starts today. It starts with planning, networking and creating new opportunities. It also starts at home by clearly defining the work hours and spending time with those we love.

Events have been cancelled or postponed but they will occur again at some time. We will stay in touch with our customers and be ready for them when things improve. Our marketing will continue so too will our development into new products. We will continue to mentor, guide and coach and we will create new business partnerships to showcase excellence and innovation. We are looking forward and although the road ahead is not entirely smooth it is better for our business to adapt rather than die.

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